There are many benefits to ordering a Contour Parquet Floor. The first (and not to be underestated) is the experience and dedication of our staff to the creation of only the highest quality of products. We strive to make the finest flooring available. Each floor is individually made to address the needs and wishes of each customer. All milling and finishing is done in our facilities so that quality can be guaranteed and job-site delays eliminated.
Contour Parquet Panels re-create the dramatic floors of yesteryear.  Whether you want the stunning grand effect of the traditional Parquet de Versailles Pattern or the simply elegant effect of the Weave Pattern, Contour Parquet will provide the look you desire.
  • Panels come in a variety of species, textures and finishes
  • Contour Parquet can custom size each panel variety to fit your needs
  • Every panel is hand crafted to give your floor a one of a kind look
Parquet de Versailles is a large pattern for grand rooms. This traditional French style has become synonymous with parquet flooring panels. This panel creates a stunning yet subtle effect when set at a 45 degree angle to the room. Normal sizes are from 38 to 40 inches square.
Versailles Panel Parquet
Versailles in Walnut
Versailles Panel Parquet
Aged Oak Versailles
The Bordeaux region in France has not only produced the most refined wines in the world but this namesake pattern. Taken from the grand halls of vineyards, any floor created from this pattern displays elegance and refinement beyond merely luxurious but true opulence. Normal panel sizes are from 34 to 39 inches.
Bordeaux Panel Parquet
Bordeau in White Oak
Brittany Panel Parquet
Bordeau in Walnut
The Brittany pattern was imported from the French country estates of the Seventeenth century. A tight complex pattern suited to smaller rooms in either square or diamond layout. Its uses range from kitchens to powder rooms. Sizes range from 24 to 32 inches.
Brittany Panel Parquet
Burnished White Oak
Brittany Panel Parquet
White Oak w/ Burgundy Stain
Weave panels are simple yet elegant and work well in rooms such as libraries and studies where a square layout is best suited or desired. The other common use for this design is custom enlarged panels for vestibules, entrees, window alcoves and related areas. This panel is most commonly sized from 36 to 38 inches.
Weave Panel Parquet
Hand Carved Weave Panel
Weave Panel Parquet
Walnut w/ Mahogany Stain
Monticello is a true American classic first created in Thomas Jefferson's estate. This combination of cherry and walnut presents North American hardwoods at their finest and comes alive in period rooms with traditional lighting. This large scale parquet can be set either square or at a 45 degree angle to the room. Normal sizes are from 15 to 24 inches.
Monticello Panel Parquet
Walnut & Black Cherry
Monticello Panel Parquet
Black Cherry & Beech
Ardeche parquet panels create a free flowing pattern that's well suited to smaller spaces such as entryways yet equally as elegant in larger spaces such as great rooms.

Louvre is a simple classic which enhances any room whether installed in an elegant diamond or a traditional square pattern. This pattern has many possibilities to create larger scale patterns by differing panel orientations. This panel is so versatile that it goes with almost and decor from classic French to arts and crafts to modern interiors.

Ardeche in Oak
Louvre Panel Parquet
Louvre in Rustic Butter Maple
Continuous Parquet Patterns add depth and complexity to your room.  Choose from Chevron, Weave, Herringbone, Block or create your own pattern.
Continuous Weave Parquet
Continuous Weave
Continuous Chevron Parquet
Continuous Chevron
Continuous Triangle Parquet
Continuous Triangle
Continuous Block Parquet
Continuous Block
Continue Herringbone Parquet
Continuous Herringbone
Contour Parquet’s Wide Plank Flooring is aged to appear centuries old. It is sure to bring a sense of history to any room, and no rustic decor is complete without it. Available in hand burnished and hand carved textures, and any color.
Oak Plank Floor
White Oak
Walnut Plank Floors
Black Walnut
Oak Plank Flooring
Quartered Oak
Pine Plank Floors
Antique Pine

Custom Parquet Panels

Every panel and plank is custom made by Contour Parquet. If you have your own ideas, designs, or special needs, we will bring them to reality with your own custom look, texture, color, and finish.
Custom Palace Parquet
Palace Pattern Oak & Walnut
Modified Versailles Parquet
Modified Versailles White Oak

Specialty Parquet Panels

Our Grand Parquet Panel dwarf standard size parquet in sizes up to 7 feet square. Available in a variety of patterns, finishes and textures.
Our custom 5" x 2" x 5" non-standard parquet block answers a call for industry changes.
Our OSB Parquet creates a unique floor, adding value to your home, while not breaking your budget. Each block is 11 1/2" x 11 1/2".
Top Nailed Victorian Parquet
Grand Parquet
OSB Parquet
Victorian Parquet